Beach Holidays in Sri Lanka

When in sri lanka, one essential experience is to spend some time just relaxing on a beautiful, tranquil beach. Would you struggle to choose between them? ‘ the main tourist coastal areas lays along the south-west coast of the island, from Negombo to Galle. Along the way rivers and lagoons run in to the sea. sure those places make ever lasting memories for you all ’

Our Beach Activities

Our Beach Friendly Packages

The itineraries below are just examples of what can be done though. All our itineraries are tailor-made on to your preference. Please contact to one of our tour consultants and we would be pleased to help.

Sri Lanka Highlights and Beach Tour

Travel Around Sri Lanka

Tour “Sri Lanka’s Highlights and Beach” in Sri Lanka takes you deep back into ancient history. You will gain a better understanding of the island’s remarkably rich cultural and religious history that dates back 2,500 years.


Seductive Beach Holidays

South Coast

This tour specially designed for beach lovers and would be an ideal choice especially for the honeymooners and. Seductive Beach holiday allows you to relax on the beach while discovering the tropical Island.


Laid Back South Coast

South Coast

A relaxing three or four stops itinerary is focusing on Galle and the south coast of Sri Lanka.