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Anuradhapura was Sri Lanka’s first city and the capital for more than 100 kings ruled the kingdom, the ruins of Anuradhapura now a UNESCO World Heritage. This kingdom is a part of Cultural Triangle tells a story of anamazingly sophisticated history that this beautiful island had in the past.

This civilization was formed with advanced science & technology, health care systems (Ayurveda) and highly disciplined spirituality. The city has lots of monasteries practicing the ancient teachings and exploring tranquility. It is one of the very significant cities of Asia. Some describe it .


Polonnaruwawas the second largest kingdom in the Sri Lanka’s ancient history during 11th and 13th Century. and was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1982. It was also the military city where king Vijayabahu defeated the Chola invaders from South India in 1070 A.D.

The most well-known king in history the king ‘Parakramabahu’ then developed this kingdom where the country flourished with agriculture.ParakramaSamudraya, the gigantic lake he built even to date remains as one of the astonishing creations of this kingdom, where it appears like a mini sea.

Sigiriya and Dabulla

The Sigiriya Rock Fortress another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Located in Cultural Triangle. One of the most dramatic, inspiring and beautiful historical locations in the world. It has 200m high hike which also being called the “8th wonder of the world”. As you get closer to Sigiriya, en-route visit to Dambulla cave monastery, A UNESCO world heritage site.

The greatest cave monastery in the island, which inspires every traveler who visit there. Most travelers begin their ancient pilgrimage with the visit to Caves. You could climb the Pirurangala Rock.  And be there at sun dawn or sun set when the rays light up the monuments and make them shine with the glories of the past!


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Cultural Triangle

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Cultural Triangle


All Inclusive Private Sacred City of Anuradhapura from Colombo, Kandy or Negombo

Cultural Triangle

This memorable tour takes you to see some of the historic highlights of Sri Lanka. Simply Walk through the ancient ruined city of Anuradhapura,